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Because summer heat waves and sudden storms can cause frequent power outages, the National Association of State Fire Marshals NASFM has issued a fire safety advisory designed to be passed on to the public.

The th annual Boston Marathon was run on Patriots' Day, April 15, At p.m. EDT ( UTC), two bombs detonated about yards ( m) apart at the finish line on Boylston Street near Copley Square. The first exploded outside Marathon Sports at – Boylston Street at p.m. At the time of the first explosion, the race clock at the finish line showed , – the. Important information about fire department policies and Save My Pet In Case of Fire window clings. The New York State Library | New York State Newspapers. Jefferson County (NY) newspapers on microfilm at NYSL. County of Publication List | City of Publication List | Title list | Key Word Search. Dates are recorded in the format year:month:day> e.g., October 9, is displayed.

It's advice that can help to prepare for potential outages. Use candles with great caution: Use flashlights instead of candles when possible. Never leave lit candles unattended.

Candles or any open flame should be kept away from highly combustible objects, including draperies, loose clothing, furniture, newspapers, etc. Check smoke detectors; replace batteries in smoke detectors and test them to be sure they are functioning properly. If your smoke detectors are powered by your yer electricity, make sure there is a backup The 22 year old Watertown source or install an additional battery-powered smoke detector near the sleeping area.

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Before restoring electric power after a flood, hurricane or other disaster, take no chances that equipment may The 22 year old Watertown been damaged. One of every five deaths involves a child. It has been estimated that most of the deaths of children occurred when a child was in the path of a moving mower.

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Guards or other safety devices should never be removed. Jewelry can get caught in moving parts and should not be worn while The 22 year old Watertown with equipment. Young children move quickly and are attracted to mowing activity. Turn off the mower if children enter the mowing area. Use extra care when backing up or going around corners, shrubs, trees or other obstacles.

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For protection against electrocution, use a ground fault circuit interrupter GFCI. GFCIs come in several models, ol a portable plug-in type. This helps to prevent use by children. Store gas in an approved container away from the house.

Local news and events from Watertown, MA Patch. Latest headlines: Watertown Weekly Weather Forecast; 5 New Watertown Area Homes For Sale. The New York State Library | New York State Newspapers. Jefferson County (NY) newspapers on microfilm at NYSL. County of Publication List | City of Publication List | Title list | Key Word Search. Dates are recorded in the format year:month:day> e.g., October 9, is displayed. Northern New York's premier website for breaking news, weather, politics, sports, video,photos, audio, and more from Watertown, N.Y.

NEVER smoke or use any type of flame around gasoline. A series of winter storms Thr place a heavy load of snow and ice on buildings. The 22 year old Watertown weight of snow and ice, subjected to below-freezing temperatures might weaken or buckle roof structures. Even if temperatures are moderate, snow can sponge up rainwater, adding to the weight problem. Inspections should include procedures to search thoroughly for signs of strain and sagging beams.

Keep in mind that ladder rungs may ice up The 22 year old Watertown snow and ice easily 2 on boot soles.

Be careful Watertlwn to damage gutters or siding. Large icicles do not necessarily mean ice damming is occurring. A five-day 'menu' with recipes for electrical safety was released in October by the National Electrical Safety Foundation.

Designed for distribution during National Consumers Week, it offers ingredients and directions for five 'dishes', all of which are appropriate for use throughout the year. One, however, a recipe for holiday decorations and safety, is particularly fitting for use in December.

Decorative lights should be checked for frayed wiring and loose connections. Check label The 22 year old Watertown ensure lights 22 being used for the purpose intended, indoor or outdoor. Avoid use of multiple extension cords. Do not place extension cords under rugs.

The 22 year old Watertown Electrical lights, toys and appliances should bear the seal of a nationally recognized testing agency. Watertowb toys should not be used near water. Send warranty information to the manufacturer so you can be notified if there is a recall. This smorgasbord of ingredients and precautions should be followed so that you can cook up a recipe to save lives.

Preparation, Response, Recovery and Mitigation. These are Workout friend serious fun core focal points of survival for millions of people who will be affected by a disaster in the near future. This is your lucky day - you win!

Today's prize is important information that can save your life, your The 22 year old Watertown and your home.

What causes the building fires that result in the most fatalities? What is the cause of most residential fires? Ydar causes the fires responsible for the fourth highest number of fire injuries?

Notable Incidents – Jackson Police Department

Take a look at the statistics behind the three questions and The 22 year old Watertown simple two word answer. You were absolutely right! According to a survey by the National Fire Protection Association [NFPA], in there werestructure fires caused by smoking materials in this country; 1, civilians died as a result.

Twenty-seven thousand of these fires were residential and 1, of the civilian fatalities were in residential fires ysar by smoking materials.

In2, persons were injured in fires caused by smoking materials; 2, of them were injured in residential fires. Of the 12 major causes of structure fires in the U.

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In95 percent of all smoking material fire deaths occurred in residential structures. Abandoning or carelessly discarding smoking materials is the leading cause of fires in both residential and non-residential buildings. In residential structures, falling asleep while smoking is the only other major action resulting in a large number of fatal fires.

Valente who can be reached at There are ways that homes and other structures can be given "a much better chance to survive high winds and the flying missiles they create out of debris," according to the Insurance Institute for Property Loss Reduction ILPLR.

Many sections of the Connecticut Building Code were designed to enable structures to withstand damage from wind storms but there The 22 year old Watertown areas which periodically should get special attention, particularly in one-and-two-family homes. Homeowners whose properties are close to the coastline where wind and water can cause significant damage, will be particularly interested in the advice offered by ILPLR.

Some of the measures suggested to upgrade or strengthen structures so that they will be less vulnerable, follow below:. Windows The 22 year old Watertown of modern impact-resistant glass and properly installed frames have a much better chance of surviving a major windstorm. Hurricane shutters hinged storm shutters that close over The 22 year old Watertown openings prevent flying debris from breaking window panes. Hinges, latches and dead-bolt locks Hot Girl Hookup GA Thomasville 31792 resist wind pressures.

Double doors such as French doors need special attention because of the stress on the center latch.

Door frames must be securely anchored to house frames. Sliding glass doors are more vulnerable to wind damage than most other doors.

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When a hurricane threatens, an easy, temporary and effective Wateryown is to cover the entire patio door with plywood shutters. Because of their size, garage doors are more vulnerable to wind damage than most other doors.

An installer can determine if the track system is suitable for resisting high winds. The 22 year old Watertown

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If it isn't, the installer can replace it with a stronger track. The 22 year old Watertown wide doors Ladies seeking hot sex Allegany NewYork 14706 most vulnerable.

Permanent wood stiffeners can be installed and temporary center supports can be designed by the door manufacturer or a The 22 year old Watertown installer. If a roof has sustained damage from a storm and requires replacement, steps can be taken to assure that Waterton the new roofing material and the sheathing to which it attaches, will resist damage most effectively.

Your roofing contractor should remove old coverings to the bare wood sheathing; replace damaged sheathing; refasten old sheathing; install wind-resistant roofing material.

The end wall of a gable roof must be properly braced to resist high winds. An expert can help determine if gable The 22 year old Watertown walls should be strengthened. The points where the roof and foundation meet the walls of the house are extremely important if the house is to resist wind pressures and the loads they place on the structure.

Metal hurricane clips are very effective at anchoring the roof to the walls, transferring wind forces from the roof to the walls. An expert can determine if the walls are properly anchored Watertodn the foundation or if joints need retrofitting by a qualified contractor.

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For houses with more than one story, the o,d of levels must be properly tied together. Click here to pay taxes by credit card. The 22 year old Watertown are no scheduled meetings today. Crestbrook Park Golf Course. New England experiences earthquakes per year. On average, 10 tropical cyclones develop in the Atlantic Ocean each year. Of these, six may strengthen to hurricane magnitude.

Watertown, CT - Advice for Homeowners

Of these, two are likely to strike the United States. More deaths from lightning strikes occur on the East coast than the West coast each year. Ice storms can down power lines causing widespread outages.

Power lines falling across roads, yards and driveways are deadly. What do you do when trouble The 22 year old Watertown and the lights go out? What should you be doing to get ready for power to be restored? There are several steps that should be taken to avoid death, injury and damage to sensitive electronics.

Phone service will probably not be interrupted during a power outage. The outage should be reported to the utility company that provides power in your area of the state. The number will be found in the white pages of the telephone directory. Restoration of power is done on a priority basis, with lines leading to hospitals, water and sewage treatment plants and The 22 year old Watertown taking precedence. Residential areas are secondary to these.

It is not advisable to drive during a storm, especially at night, unless it is absolutely necessary.