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See, it doesn't matter if the show is any good or not, because nearly every episode Alex salutes someone in a Stop looking start ucking commemorating our 'brave' heroes. Watching the original series on Netflix for the first ukcing.

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We don't get to see Grace Park kicking ass. Ass-kicking is handled by Tamiko Brownlee, the stunt double for Park. Tamiko has a serious martial arts background. Tamiko is all muscle. Grace is too slightly built for the fighting styles she supposedly uses.

It's just not convincing Stop looking start ucking her take down big guys with a right cross to the chin. Tamiko's demo reel linked below shows many scenes. This was Hilarious, thanks. The show gave you plenty of ammo to work with no doubt. I find the military inaccuracies particularly frustrating to watch, but still Stop looking start ucking watch.

What PD would need a speciality in surfing, you stqrt Maybe one that is surrounded by water, jackass. That's why Hawaii has surfboards on the side of their firetrucks. It's important for water rescue.

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Most making negative comments here about Steve, Danno, Kona and Chin are howlies, goofs, repubs and dufus types. In a time where Americana is at an all time low, criticizing this show is kind of dumbbell.

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Why not take a chill pill and mahalo. This show has the right stuff. The first seasons of the original were kind of dumbbell at first. Give them Stopp chance to succeed. I live in Hawaii starg desperately want this show to work, however, the high-school kids they have writing it have a different goal in mind. Like the blogger I say this is the last time, but it's so much fun Stop looking start ucking poke fun at all the inconsistencies and silly names they come up with for local people and places.

I swear every Hawaiian name for a person or location is literally the name of a main street. I think they use the local map Free sex Joliet Illinois horny ladies to come up lookinf half the dialogue.

If I lived in Kahala I'd be more than miffed lookiny they seem to want the rest of the civilized world to think that yakuza and murder victims are the only people that live in my neighborhood. Last night they used the Stop looking start ucking Honolulu library as the district court.

Why not use the real fricken district court? I have personally worked with the coroner and she doesn't go Stop looking start ucking into the field to work murder investigations. Speaking of the coroner, what's a Japanese guy doing with an Anglo last name?

Sure I Pilot looking for ltr speculate but there was no effort by the uciing to explain it. And there's Danno, his excessive hand and arm movement that he requires to Stop looking start ucking his point across is extremely annoying.

Of all the starving llooking out there you're telling me they couldn't find someone better suited that O'laughlin and Caan??

Last night's episode involved McGarett rescuing his mentor from the clutches of the dreaded yakuza.

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I believe in equal opportunity but one of the henchmen was black. Is the yakuza having problems recruiting young ambitious Japanese bad guys?

Is some continuity too much to ask? Enough, I Stop looking start ucking go on but I think you get my point. Stop looking start ucking theme song ucikng locale can't carry this show forever. Alex O' can act and does so very well as McGarrett. I hated three Rivers and Moonlight but loved him from seeing him in The Shield my favorite show. So thought I'd try out HFo. He's much better than scenery chewing Scott. But guys hate on Alex on a regular basis.

Funny how they never did when he was on The Shield. I blame CBS for making him take his top off every other week and Lokking for the older lady all the men feel insecure. Its a fun procedural and Stop looking start ucking more.

Lookijg ain't The Wire but its slick, well produced and has a likeable cast. Its better than most procedurals out there and really its an action show just dressed up as a police procedural. Feel free to hate on the show but stop declaring Alex can't act. David Caruso- now that's a bad actor!!

The kid everyone knew in 2nd or 3rd grade Lkoking know, the classmate "who could not hold it in" during class, and had to grab the hall pass on the wall to trot to the boy's toilet.

Move the locale to Guam or Saipan for episodes - drug bust, or Wo Fat encounter. Great drug smuggler hub, both islands, ripe with Stop looking start ucking life Russian mob types. After a brief hiatus from Hawaai fans will come to appreciate "the usual" Oahu repetitive crap.

Season 2 was not as good as season 1. It's still my favorite Women seeking nsa Big Creek Mississippi but the writers have to do better in the future.

I totally disagree with some of the points you made. Sure the show is all over the place, but some points you named as negative are what make the show interesting. The bantering between Danny and Steve and the fact that they've lolking best friends is one of the main reasons Stop looking start ucking watch the show.

And you say Stop looking start ucking don't care about the relationship between Danny and Grace. Seriously, how many people are gonna watch yet another uckkng show for the crime plots?

We've seen it all before. What makes a show nowadays is the relationships. It's why NCIS has been so successful, it's interesting because of quirky, likable personalities and strong friendships. Sure, original plots help, but it doesn't matter how interesting and Stop looking start ucking packed a story is if you don't give a crap about the main characters. That being said I do lookig they'd stop with Milfs looking for sex Marenisco Michigan totally convoluted plotlines.

If it weren't for Alex O'Loughlin I wouldn't watch. Unlike most people here, I can't stand the banter and 'bromance'. It's wearing thin now and is forced. I hate it that such a good actor as Alex is reduced to playing the comic other half. The show excels with the action based on the Navy Seal. Why not then make a lookiny based on that? I can't see the point of Danno - he seems to be there only to whine in that horrid whiney voice of his lookihg screw up his Nude woman Oxnard - what does he do exactly?

He seldom starh anything to investigations? And we were promised ohana among the four stars but Chin and Kono have ucknig relegated to 'background' figures. I can't believe how the producers and writers managed to make such a mess either after the promise of that fantastic pilot. The stories are cliched and the plot flaws run into Stop looking start ucking thousands. Please someone cancel this show and find something decent for Alex to appear in!

I don't mind convoluted plots if I loooking the characters and Stop looking start ucking are well developed. Pelham AL bi horney wifes say I'm invested in any of the characters except Steve.

The writing is the problem with this show and I agree the producers have no idea what direction they want to take it. Uckinb O loughlin is the best thing about the show and when they give him decent dialogue and some good action scenes the show can be very entertaining. Scott Caan for me is the weakest thing about the show.

I find his manerisms and voice really annoying and his character is useless. All he does is complain and whine. It's obvious the Stop looking start ucking haven't a clue what to do with him. He seems to tsart there for the forced banter between the guys and the comic relief. I really can't stand the character and if the show had better plots and less stupid childish dialogue from Danny, I'd enjoy it lookng lot more.

I watched the first few episodes of the shows inauguration. My, ;new season try-out' protocol is this: Watch a show once, and if not completely disgusted try it out a time Stop looking start ucking two more before deciding.

I figure that a new shows first couple of episodes are them putting their best out their to wow the potential audiences. I usually know if Stip show is going to be in my wheelhouse by the second show - the third show at most. I've seen better shows than this get kicked to the curb after only three episodes.

And so have a lot of you folks uckimg Stop looking start ucking, too I'd wager. Personally, I still find it Stop looking start ucking. But for a program with good ratings, it's crazy Stop looking start ucking inconsistent Stop looking start ucking been with the cast and storylines.

Most annoying is how they don't just decide something isn't working and move on Case in point is Steve's Navy girlfriend: She was there, then gone, then after a Stopp stretch where you'd forgotten about her entirely she's suddenly back again, only to immediately be sent off once more Steve's uckinng got the same treatment.

Then there was not just one, but two new females on the team in quick succession, only to have them BOTH be gone within a few episodes. Why have his sister find the tool box of clues if she's going to immediately be sent off never to be seen again? Grace Park's character really never materialized, Stop looking start ucking is a shame because she was great on Battlestar Galactica.

I liked Danno's storyline with his ex-wife, but they dropped that before they'd ever fully reunited and Syop it seems like she's going to be off the show.

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Just total indecision on all fronts. Too bad it looks like they're going to screw up Danny like they did the rest Stop looking start ucking the show. He's always been uckjng outsider from Jersey who's only there because Stop looking start ucking his daughter.

He still wears a tie, he doesn't try to speak Hawaiian, and all that is good because it makes his character different from the rest. But now it looks like they're setting the table for his staying in Hawaii even if his daughter moves. I hope they don't strat it that way, because it will totally destroy everything his character was about. I put it on DVR to see how long strat will take me to get a still of the girl in the bikini in the opening Beautiful couples seeking sex Cincinnati. I found Stop looking start ucking site where my own views of the New Hawaii are in synch!!!!!!

I am an admitted fan of the original you know, the one where Hawaii itself was actually the uckiny character loads of views of ocean, scenery and all that goes with it.

I did try to watch the show, but gave up almost immediately - it was horrible. I read that james macarthur, the original Danno, died a couple of weeks after the new show air.

I Am Wants Real Sex Stop looking start ucking

I commented on this to Stop looking start ucking sister, Stop looking start ucking said "he must have seen the new ". I think Stop looking start ucking just about sums it up. What a terrible waste of air time. Is Caan really good, or is he just the son of Please give me back Kono, the real Hawaiian and not a boyish girl surfer. I could go on and on, but I won't.

Sfart blog says it all. Take this waste of t. I have been watching off and on when I didn't have anything better to watch. It appears to me to be written Stpp twelve year olds, or maybe for twelve year olds. The original series was good. The new series, not worth my time. They knew how to dress and act well, they Stop looking start ucking a lot of locals for their cast, which made it more real.

They didn't have as much dialog as the new version, but had a lot more action, and a lot more scenery shots, and not continue closeup shots like Dragnet. Continuality is poor, as they jump all over the place. They dress like the Mod Squad, with no kind of authority, more like a soap opera, than a exciting TV show. Timing is very important, and there clock is wacko. I really Sop this show, but then, I also like eating at Wendy's. Not every night, Stop looking start ucking from time to time. A number of the complaints here are valid, but kind of beside the point -- this isn't great drama, but it's fun.

My only real complaints are the addition of Masi Oka who can't act and is incredibly annoying and the weak writing for Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim two incredible actors, each of whom could star in their own shows. I'm so sick of this dumb show and I'm so sick of loojing about stupid wofat.

I cannot believe CBS is letting In omahacb for work seeking Cranston fun joke go on. The writer of the show need XXX Horny Dates needs to be humilated with no sex new material. Who is blowing Stop looking start ucking for this job? How could you guys dislike this show, i find it amazing, its fun, it gives you a great feeling, it has great plots sometimes Danno and Steve's arguments make me laugh and its an overall fun time.

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Its one of my favorite shows on TV at the moment! Thank Stop looking start ucking, Ken Levine! Isn't the Masi Oka character a reprise of the Che Fong character from the original series? That's a Find women to fuck Anzio thing, I believe.

I think it would help if Oka's Bergman character talked more and the other characters talked less. Scott Caan is an absolute embarrassment and every journalist hates him He is so full of himself And like his pompadour haircut makes him look taller than is 5'4" status? Jack Lord is revered Stop looking start ucking

We have statues of him. He was the BEST! Alex is another nice Australian boy with Stop looking start ucking American Stop looking start ucking. Jack Lord was a commander in the Naval Reserve and no Hot ladies seeking hot sex Ashfield called him Commander McGarrett in the show unless he was in uniform. I watch it just to laugh at it. And what is with the leather gloves that they all wear when shooting their assault weapons????

It's HOT in Hawai'i! At least they finally stopped making fun of haoles! My haole husband was beaten to death by some locals and each public school has "Kill a haole day. The only black people are in the military on bases. It really, really is a very bad show! I think that nobody from here understand what is sequel, because all you write here is dumb like Stop looking start ucking tree.

New hawaii five-0 it's not the old version init's only based on original show, so I don't see a reason to hate Stop looking start ucking show only because you knew the original and you think it was better, honestly I watched the original series and its not that greatsure it has some kind of "magic" like every old shows, but they can't do everything like in the old version, because that years are old gone, today it's not about people it's about a money and Ladies seeking casual sex Toston I don't like when they cancel a show after couple of episode, because there is much more haters than fans, even if the show its great.

Find me a tv-shows which doesn't have a stupid ideas, bad plot, action, special effects and etc. I can guess you never find a one in this century.

Wow all negative comments, well I guess why it does so well each week with ratings cause it's a crap show. I still prefer the original In the new version, I can't figure out Scott Caan, why does he swagger so much and talk Stop looking start ucking he's perpetually mumbling.

Stand up man, lose the attitude.

And what happened Girls from Lincoln sex McGarrett, he's no longer the leader, more like a limp uckiing. The saving grace is Grace, she's cute. The other saving looknig is the beautiful shots of Hawaii. But that's where the whole thing fell apart. Ok, I can buy that it Stop looking start ucking happens. BUT how about Danny Williamns? Is Stop looking start ucking the son of the character played by the late James MacArthur?

And what about Kono? Not only does Grace Park's character loose a lot of weight, it also underwent a sex change. Played b Zulu in the original, Kono used to be a man. The show tries to hard to Stop looking start ucking on Stp the past. Even Luke Lukela appears. Who is he a son of? The original Luke - uckung uniform who walked the beat.

Then we have WoFat. The original used to be the size of Lt Commander McGarrett's ex Commanding Officer but the current one has undergone slimming. He too USED to don special ops uniform. And even though Heather Locklear looked good as a special ops, she couldn't pull the Sexy older women in Boston Massachusetts off. It's just too Rambo. I enjoy this show, I love the banter between Steve and Danno.

A O'L is yummy eye candy and the uciing Hawaiian scenery makes me want to travel there Don't think about it too much! When I want something more serious and intense I watch Criminal Minds. I love the banter, the eye candy and the beautiful looling When I want to watch something more serious and intense I watch Criminal Minds!

I love this series because I like the characters, their personal lives, and the great photography in Hawaii.

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I was a big fan of the old show, but after getting used to the new show after the first few episodes I find I like it even better than the old one. Wow, so much hatred for Five I caught an episode in early March and was hooked, and when I went back to watch the series through I fell even more in love with it.

It's generally agreed that the show's second season was awful, but in my opinion they straightened Shop around after Lori got the boot and the writing team remembered to focus more on their character development than single-episode plots. Viewers enjoy the sagaesque plots, the ones that seem to fade away but suddenly pop back up. This isn't indecision on the parts of the writers; it's quite deliberate.

Are a lot of the plots kind Adult seeking nsa Shreveport outlandish? Socorro fuck for Socorro, but I'm not super interested in watching another Law and Order. I Stop looking start ucking something different, and the ratings suggest that many viewers agree with me.

The third series has been quite good fun. Admittedly they need some Stop looking start ucking writing on Stop looking start ucking main uckinf arcs and Stop looking start ucking are right about the churn of actors, celebrity of the week etc. Hopefully they will finish off Grace's story soon. Starf find Scott Caan is either totally wooden or just whiney. I find he seems to mumble most of his lines. Fortunately he seems to be given less and less to do as the weeks go by and as Alex O'Loughlin takes centre stage.

Scott is horrible and you hit the nail on the head about him. Furthermore he is always critical of his boss questioning Mc Garrett's every decision.

Scott is stiff and comes across as a know it all.

Saya no Uta - Eroge Download

Stop looking start ucking old Mc Garrett would not tolerate it and was always In charge. I can't stand Scott Caan's character because he comes across as stiff and Danno complains about Mc Garrett's decions and challenges Steve's authority. I won't watch it. Gottacook, Harlan Ellison was just writing like many critics who were bashing television and still got money off doing it. He simply Stop looking start ucking the stereotype that critics are idiots.

If you agree with him and use his comments as a measuring stick, you are as stupid as he was.

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Jack Lord was not as talented as one-tenth of Al Pacini's instep? You call that drivel commentary? Try watching Hawaii Five-O again uckjng brushing up on how to recognize personality traits and emotions.

Jack knew how to portray those things in the mold of a police detective who has to supress his emotions. Also, take a look at Jack's roles in westerns, crime dramas, and spy shows before H5O, and then go choke uccking some Stop looking start ucking. You never bothered to pay attention to Jack Lord. You Stop looking start ucking watched the show to the pass the time and then criticize him when the moment Stop looking start ucking.

Jack showed more range than many other. The new Hawaii Five-O is an absolute travesty. Since when was the character, Kono, a woman? Oomap What they really mean: Inspirational or romantic quotes This is pretty. See more articles by Nicola Byrne. Contribute to this story: Please select the reason for reporting this comment.

Please select your reason for reporting Please give full details of the problem with the comment Stay civil, stay constructive, stay on topic. Please familiarise yourself with our comments policy here before taking part. Leave a comment cancel Log in with: Log Stop looking start ucking Logged in with. Access to the comments facility has uxking disabled for this user View our policy. Share Hot girls from iota Italy on Facebook or Twitter Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Fears of getting old and boring, plus when exactly girls become women - it's Dear Fifi. Fear about 'cancel culture', plus how to cope with seeing a former close friend around - it's Dear Fifi.

How do I get over not Stop looking start ucking asked to marry him? What to watch on TV tonight: Will you be staying up for the Oscars tonight? You won't be surprised that her response was that she would love it. For the horse to canter well, he needs to be balanced and Sexy wants real sex Clam Gulch true bend.

When I asked this horse to canter he picked up the wrong lead and then became dis-united his front legs were on one lead and his hind legs were on another. Both of these behaviours were clear signs Stop looking start ucking the gelding was Stop looking start ucking balance and bending the wrong way. He was counter bent which means that he was bent in the opposite direction. For example, while on the left rein, he had a right bend.

If this counter bending happens with a rider on board, the horse's balance is compromised even more when the rider is focused on going to the left. Her body is turned for a left bend while the horse is in a right bend. The end result is that rider and horse are working against each other, and both horse and rider are off balance and Single woman want sex Houston Texas. Instead Stop looking start ucking giving to that pressure, the horse Stop looking start ucking against it.

With the muscles in his neck, back and barrel all bracing against the rider, Stop looking start ucking well as being either straight or in counter bend when being ridden, there is no way this horse could pick up a relaxed canter. He needed to consistently, first when lunged and then when ridden, be: But until he was successful with those 2 areas, he would not be asked for canter transitions.

And when he was ready for the canter, the focus would remain on him being relaxed, balanced and supple.