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I Am Search Dating Looking for a lady to give me the spanking i deserve

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Looking for a lady to give me the spanking i deserve

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Mobile I am an extroverted introvert who is waiting to make friends online.

Age: 45
Relationship Status: Married
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I am eighteen and I was visiting my Aunt Nancy in Florida. He placed the file down and spoke to the man on the othis side of the desk. I sat in silence with my family eating breakfast.

to punish the woman you love, especially when you know that spanking her .. He warned me twice by giving me a look and touching his belt You are not being mean by giving your partner the discipline they deserve. A University of Saskatchewan study found that women are quite similar to men This can give you a sense of whether the idea of submission and dominance Lists are available on BDSM websites, or you can take a look. I'm looking for a man who can give me regular spankings to keep me in my place. I'm Miss Amber Knight a strict aspectusphoto.comr, Head Mistress, Head Girl, School single mum looking to be put in her place I tend to over spend and deserve a.

Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. My husband was flying out to Boston this morning for a week. My son and daughter were probably thinking of school. This is a print version of story The bitch got the spanking she deserved!

Looking for a lady to give me the spanking i deserve

The bitch got the spanking she deserved! My wife and I went to Vegas a spankinv weeks ago, on a Friday. She was on a business trip. There was a convention there. I went to get a tan and look at the women.

I'm not much of a gambler.

We drove up to the valet and then checked in. They gave us a room on the 27th floor at the MGM Hotel. We got to our room when I realized I Adult searching orgasm NM forgotten my shades in the car. My wife said she was going to shower and take a nap. Since she was supposed to go to a late cocktail get together that night.

I was walking out the front doors with my valet ticket.

There was a really sexy brunette with her hair up. And a very short gige on with high heels. She was about 5'7" with really nice curves and a fine ass! She was just on the other side of the door. So I held the door open for her since I'm a nice guy and since she was pulling a large piece of luggage.

My naughty girlfriend deserved good ass spanking as she was a bad girl -

As soon as I opened the door. She was cussing at a guy. She walked right past me. Not even smiling or saying thank you. I thought "what a rude bitch. When I walked back in the front doors.

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I saw the same sexy woman just leaving the front desk, after checking in. She seemed to treat people badly, everywhere. As she ran over a guys foot with her luggage. The guy said "ouch, lady! She is a royal bitch! As I was making my way to the elevators. She bumped into me, and said "Jerk!

So I just said "You know lady, you must be Casual sex chat Idaho City il over due for a good spanking! We were the only ones in it. I said, "Are you serious, because I am!?

That's when the doors opened on the 20th floor, and there were people waiting to get on. She quickly straightened herself and grabbed her bag and walked off.

I'm sure Nancy was expecting a spanking and sex too. Or just sex with no spanking! She walked ahead of me.

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Strutting her ass in a very sexy walk. Also knowing that ass would be over my lap shortly! Her room was almost to the end. I was thinking, the desk clerk probably gave her a room at the end, because she was probably a bitch to him Lkoking She slides her key card in and the door opens.

I Am Seeking Sex Chat

She walks in and I follow. She drops her bag near the window, and kicks her heels off and turns to me. She's got this look about her now, like she wants sex. She's unbuttoning her blouse and walking toward me.

I stop her and reach down with both hands on each side and pull the hem of her short skirt up past her waist quickly. She's got nice tanned legs, no panty hose for this woman, she doesn't need them.

Nancy is taken by surprise. I pull her across my lap. She's got pink silk panties on. Which I pull up into a thong, between her cute butt cheeks quickly! I think I smell the hint of aroma from her cunt. Which just makes me smile.

I start to spank one cheek then the other with my large hand. Not too hard at first. When I get to I start spanking both cheeks and my hand easily covers both cheeks.

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Fort Francisco morato wood whores My spanks are getting harder after the 20th.

During the spanking I reprimanded her for being a bitch to everyone she came in contact with. Telling her that if she would be nicer to people.

People would be nicer to her! The sound is bouncing off the walls and I'm pretty sure, if she has neighbors way down here they can hear it! Nancy's cheeks are Red! I pull her panties off her with a bit of difficulty and see they are moist and shove them spankong her mouth. She didn't like this at all! I press her face into the mattress and continue to spank her cute ass to an even darker red color. I lay into her. She screaming and cussing and kicking her legs widely.

I'm looking for a man who can give me regular spankings to keep me in my place. I'm Miss Amber Knight a strict aspectusphoto.comr, Head Mistress, Head Girl, School single mum looking to be put in her place I tend to over spend and deserve a. Relevant blogs: I am not a biological parent yet, but I have watched and cared for children in many. He was younger than my sister and me, and we were often beaten if he did wrong. . My brother and I did get a lot of spanking growing up, and many times I knew Now when I look back how many of those times was I being set-up by my sister . how dare I put this lady in such a position by running off with her only child?!.

When finally I'm satisfied with the color and knowing she'll be feeling this spanking for at least a few days. Plus, she may not be going to the pool. I stop and I can smell her pussy juices. I push her onto the mattress.

She's crying and spankijg cussing at me. I just stand there watching her.

She gets up and runs to the mirror thats on both sides of the bed spanknig the wall. She's looking at her ass. She had nice erect nipples, I really wanted to pinch. She started to reach for my cock. I grabbed her hand. I have to go down the elevator to the ground floor, then go up other elevators to my floor. I get back to the room and my wife is asleep.

Getting Spanked As Needed

I jump in the shower and climb in bed with her. She wakes up and I tell her about the bitch and the well deserved spanking she got. She smiles and says "you know how to give the ladies what they need!

I'm sure she had trouble sitting for a few days. But I hope she was nicer to people. Leave a comment Comments 1. Related stories Related Videos Related galleries. Highlights of our Bitch get what she deserved. The foam of the pleasure in the tears of the agonies