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20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions

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Dear Wendy is a relationship advice blog. You can read about me hereperuse the archives here and read popular posts here. You can also follow along on Facebook and Instagram. New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. Well, last night when he was doing laundry, I looked olld.

What do I do? They both discovered that their husbands had been cruising the Casual Encounters sections of Craigslist. Even with all that, she was so disappointed in my warning that something was amiss and so deep in denial that she wrote an update, saying: Your husband is looking for women to have some sort of sexual connection with. Maybe he sees them on his lunch break. Your warning bell should be ringing loud and clear. This is a HUGE red 20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions.

Talk to your husband. Tell him what you found. Open the lines of communication. Talk to a marriage counselor if you need help getting your trust back.

You can follow me on Facebook here and sign up for my weekly newsletter here. LW, hold your husband to better standards!! Ali October 31,9: Additionally, you have two very young children with this man, which brings up a whole bunch of serious problems. Anonymous February 12, Sunshine Brite October 31,9: Please help yourself see this from another perspective. My friends and I used to look at those for fun, because they were so crazy.

That is NOT what your husband is doing. If he thought it was funny like my yg and me, you would have heard about it. GatorGirl October 31, Anna October 31, Craigslist ads can be hysterical.

But, like you said, it was a shared joke rather than a dirty little secret.

20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions

So I agree that what the husband is doing is not innocent internet browsing for entertainment value. Also thanks for saying that. CG October 31,9: Pabbas June 17,5: Amanda October 31,9: I have a different perspective.

The problem is that he was trying to hide it from you. Do you normally feel that you have to look at his internet history? A discussion about your lack of trust in your husband, what he can do to rebuild your trust and what was the impetus for his looking at Casual Encounters is long overdue. Talk to your husband LW.

Lea October 31, I agree that the hiding part is the big red flag here. Does that simplify the issue enough for you to see what has to happen? Infidelity used to be one of the cut 20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions dry scenarios that required an immediate break up. I am not going to get into whether what he did constituted lookint — or whether Married women seeking affair in Hamer think he has probably already cheated I do.

Really think about that. Ok yrr he is not looking at dirty magazines or porn…he is looking for someone to hook up with…. Talk to him and see what he says but I would suggest marriage counseling as well. I would have a hard time trusting my husband after finding out about something like that. SixtyFour October 31, I think there are a lot of people out there who 20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions at these websites the same way they look at porn and have no intention of meeting anyone from it.

But the husband should talk to his wife about this. Maybe he wants a more exciting sex life. Trolling the internet for kicks is not the solution and he should be ashamed of 20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions this a secret and not opening up to his wife when he has issues. This in itself could constitute cheating depending on what the Ladies seeking sex Mount Washington Kentucky and her husband both agree to in their relationship.

He may, but talk to him acitons.

FireStar October 31, What is wrong with the truth, LW? What is wrong saying that my husband od acting shady and hiding his phone and when I checked I found he had been considering casual sex with strangers?

Why hide from what it is and instead say he is entitled to just look? There is appropriate behaviour and inappropriate behaviour. But you already know that. Think of it like a sickness. Sure you could ignore it and pretend everything is fine on the surface but eventually it will grow and do damage. It makes you responsible in your own relationship and life.

You get to have a voice in any behaviour that has the potential to destroy your marriage or your family.

Some NSA data collection is 'legal and effective', says independent board | US news | The Guardian

Lianne October 31, The fact that you even felt something was off — that your GUT told you to look at his history! I cannot stress this enough:. Could you possibly be more alarmist? Maybe she should simply talk to her husband about this.

There is absolutely no proof whatsoever that he is meeting up with anybody from craigslist. And many men DO view it almost as a form of porn. Look, obviously, this needs to be discussed, but the last thing this LW needs is everybody pouring looking onto the fire when in the reality it very damn well be nothing but smoke. And once again, it is very clear that far too many of you know precious little of male sexuality.

20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions

Many of you seem to view men in the most simplistic of terms sexually. Amanda October 31, That said, I agree with you bittergaymark. Lucy November 1,6: I agree with you to a point. They can be hilarious, or disturbing, or in the best of all worlds, both.

She senses her husband is being deceitful. She needs to discuss it with him in a non-confrontational way and find out what is up. SweetPeaG October 31, I am growing so weary of seeing these types of questions. Why do people have to be such dicks 20 yr old male looking for some nsa actions the people they choose with their own free will! What can we do to get back on track with that? Even when it is HARD to do Something mutually divorced women looking for sex right thing, this is the person you agreed to respect and love for the rest of your days.

Choose right over easy. I am not saying this is doomed.

People can work through some incredibly difficult things. It will just destroy you from the inside out. And you owe it to your kids if not yourself to not be a broken person. People do say and do those kind of things.

Why do so many new mothers turn completely off their sexuality? And then why do so many —when having done bsa — flip out that their husband then jacks off to porn? What the Dingwall ont pussy do you want him to do?

Hack off his balls? Tell me, please tell me because I wanna know.

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