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How soon to do think it would be before the FBI would be at my door with guns drawn? How would such an event be played out given the current, overly paranoid concerns and perhaps for good reason of our government?

Another, even more extraordinary precognitive incident occurred in during the course of one of our psi training groups held at UCLA on Wednesday nights. These training groups, which began inapplied positive feedback and reinforcement incorporating a free-verbal response FVR as opposed Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville forced-choice method, as a learning paradigm to enhance paranormal perception. A rose by any other name. As we had been conducting these groups for seven years, even the continued positive results we were achieving were now boring.

You know, that been there, done that, sort of feeling. Hard to believe, I know. However, when there is high degree of success and continuity with such extraordinary research efforts, one tends to become jaded. I Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville that this attitude is just part of being human?

In an effort to make things more interesting, we decided to attempt our first precognitive effort Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville this group. In a way, the verbal reinforcements given during this part Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville this session were similar to what Christopher Reeve as Richard Collier in Somewhere In Time Universal, verbalized when attempting to physically transport himself back through time.

We continued our verbalizations into the centrally placed, amplified, microphone within the otherwise sensory-deprived room as we clearly saw the specific number on the chair in which she was sitting there were twenty-four chairs in this conference room, each of which was numbered.

Numerous bits of varying types of personal information continued to flow from our mouths for quite some time. Vocally piercing the darkened conference room, we all abruptly began describing a tall man wearing all black, with a black hat, black mask, a flowing black cape and an imposing sword.

I remember thinking, what kind of crap are we uttering? It was now one week later and another group was about to begin. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, on this Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville evening, no guest member from the prior week was allowed to bring a visitor.

Any Ladies looking sex tonight Kinnear Wyoming 82516 participants on this night could only arrive through third parties who had not Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville in attendance for the last several weeks, i.

When each new person arrived they were handed a sealed envelope with Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville number from one through twelve written on a piece of paper within it. Once in the conference room, we rolled the dice and then asked all new visitors to open their sealed envelopes. I asked this stunning yr old woman, named Toni, to replay the audiotape from the week before and if she heard any statements that directly related to her, stop the tape and comment on them. If the statements were incorrect, let the tape run without interruption.

Toni listens, as voices clearly describe her appearance and clothing in detail as well Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville the exact number of the chair she is seated in. Her look is one of astonishment, although the best was yet to come. Naughty looking sex Hazelwood she hears the specific description of the mansion Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville the hills with the baby grand piano, her eyes open even wider, as those data points were also correct.

However, then came what I believe to be one of the most fascinating pieces of precognized information that has ever been documented? When we finished our discourse on the black costumed man with the mask and sword, Toni let out a somewhat muffled scream. There was hesitation in her voice and for good reason. Toni looked at me and said: We all looked at Toni with blank, expressionless faces, as we did not understand what she was Seeking court girl to.

Who was Toni Williams? Apparently, Toni knew all too well exactly who the masked, darkly dressed, swordsman was. In fact, she knew him for her entire life. The ornately costumed man turned out to be her father, Guy Williams, the actor who played Zorro in the Disney television series from the late fifties and early sixties.

Toni was speechless and just a little frightened. She looked at all of us as though we were beings from another reality. She sheepishly asked when this tape was made and we told her exactly one week earlier. However, Toni did not even know of, or that she was even coming to our group until Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville hours earlier that very day! Indeed, how could we have perceived such an event unless the information pertaining to it already existed?

What are the odds of us accurately describing such state specific information about an event one hundred and sixty-eight hours before it occurred? Does this event sound Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville we were randomly guessing as to the shape of things to come? Believe it or not, there have been those individuals over the decades that actually believed that we somehow deduced or logically inferred the information described herein.

What do you think? Needless to say, Toni never again returned to participate in one of our research groups, as her one experience with us was more than enough. I can certainly understand how unsettling such an unusual experience can be. As we were all very impressed with our first foray into the future, we attempted to replicate our results several months later, little knowing what the full emotional effects of such accurately precognized information would have on some of us.

During this second attempt things Naughty looking nsa Woodland very differently though.

Well, at least, not until the next day. And no, I did not start the fire myself to produce a self-fulfilling prophecy. After these two successful treks into the future, several of our regular group members became depressed and starting having anxiety attacks about the possibility that the future is as immutable as the past, and that free will may be little more than an illusion. For some reason, I cannot as yet fathom the belief that reality is random and chaotic.

To me personally, my experiences and research strongly suggest that reality is finely ordered and predetermined, and this belief gives me a sense of inner peace. In this regard, there is another precognitive event from my past at the UCLA lab that I believe is worthy of consideration.

Moss, Kerry, John and Francis as well as this author. Suddenly, the head of the NPI, Dr. West, walked in and began talking about his dislike of the work we were doing. In the midst of his ranting, the entire room began to violently shake, as Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville we were suffering a major earthquake.

As the shaking continued, the room felt as though it was falling and the entire building was collapsing beneath us. We all attempted to grab onto something in response. Then, the shaking and falling sensations abruptly ceased. These motions were now replaced by others, that of moving horizontally. We were indeed moving horizontally.

However, Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville was an odd wooden plank of sorts upon which sat the rotted corpse of a woman. To her right, was the rotted and mangled corpse of a large German Shepard.

West let out a loud scream. He told us that the woman sitting upon the plank was his dead sister and that the dog was her old German Shepard that was Wives want nsa Moweaqua dead. I opened the only door the lab had and stepped out into what should have been the hallway.

No hallway, no building. The image we were presented with was right out a horror movie. We were now outdoors. Under a brilliant full moon, the ground appeared as moist, dark, freshly turned earth, with a subtle Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville of fog hanging over it. Immediately before Vlissingen horney woman were crude wooden steps that led down towards the ground.

I immediately awoke covered in sweat with a feeling that my heart was about to explode out of chest. Can you say high anxiety night terror? Words cannot convey my emotional reaction to this dream.

It goes without saying that my first thought was that perhaps there would be a major earthquake and the entire NPI would collapse causing all of our deaths. Not a pleasant thought. After I had Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville time to logically and rationally think about the dream, there was a far more likely possibility that what I perceived was a horror-laden, melodramatic metaphor of our lab dying. Of course, I had no way of knowing which of Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville interpretations was correct, although the second one seemed more likely.

While this may have been partially correct, all of us in the lab were well aware of how Dr. Even in those early years, there was the formal, academic concern over political correctness. Therefore, we all knew Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville we, and the lab, were living on borrowed time so to speak, as we had access to all the facilities and services of a conventional lab without any funding whatsoever. After the passage of several days and then weeks, I pretty much forgot Horny cougar 49 in Ross-on-Wye this bizarre dream, and perhaps for good reason.

West made an unexpected visit to the lab. West proceeded to tell us that our lab would be shut down and its space given to others who had funding available that would pay for the requisite facilities and services we were getting free of charge. Well, I guess nothing lasts Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, does it? West was leaving the lab I asked him if I could speak with him for a moment and he agreed. I do not know what gave me the courage to ask Dr. West if he has a Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, but I did.

His reply was very enlightening. Apparently, he did have a sister. He said that she died some time ago. My immediate reply to Dr. West was to give my condolences.

He thanked me, but then asked why I asked about his sister and I told him that someone had mentioned it to me some time ago and I was curious.

As I might never again have an opportunity to speak with Dr. West in such a casual manner, I quickly asked him one last question. He thought for a moment, finally answering. West looked at me as though I was a police detective conducting an intense interrogation of a suspect. West for his time and he walked away, never suspecting the real reason I asked such bizarre questions of a Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville stranger.

Had I told him of my dream, he very likely Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville have thought that I Any ladies need sum help in the NPI as an inpatient, as he was extremely skeptical Zanesvillf such matters.

Primary process distortion could be looked at as the noise as related to the signal. Obviously, the thought of our lab closing was one Lady looking sex tonight NY Springwater 14560 was far too painful for my conscious mind to deal with, so my unconscious cleverly cloaked it with the melodrama of a low-budget, Roger Corman horror movie.

This type of distortion is extremely common when dealing with paranormal perception. So in the end, how many coincidences make a fact? Hundreds, thousands, millions, or none at all? Do we live in a closed, predetermined reality where we are all simply acting out our daily lives in some gigantic play, or are all Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville precognitions no more than coincidences or synchronicities? Or is it a combination of both, or neither? Is free will real or an Hto Or could it be that we can think anything we Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, but once we act upon it, it becomes Zanesviple The more we learn and the more data that is collected on this matter, the less we seem to grasp and understand.

We really Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville to be on the outside looking in. Want problem here is how to achieve such. The Ghost Box is a widely used device for paranormal investigating. We question the level of objectivity by those using this device. Respondents were sent a one minute recording from a Shack Hack Ghost Box and asked to respond to Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville questionnaire.

We analyzed the results and explored the workings of these devices. The findings tell us that the interpretation of results by Zanevsille who use this tool is very biased and subjective. The results collected in the field should not be put forth as evidence of paranormal activity.

It debuted in the market somewhere around through TV show exposure; several designs have been developed since. All in all they all do the same thing it was originally designed for, receiving radio broadcasts. We will be conducting a series of experiments and research projects covering many of the tools that the Zwnesville paranormal investigator relies on for results. Here we seek to test out the viability of the Ghost Box and report our interpretation of the findings.

We believe that the level of bias in the interpretation of responses from the ghost box is high and subjective to the point that it cannot offer objective and useful data in an investigation.

The request for participants was published on social media asking for help with a ghost box study. No details were provided at the time. Ninety eight 98 respondents were sent a questionnaire Figure 1 to seek feedback from a one minute long Ghost Box recording Link: These respondents were randomly separated into two groups based on order of response.

The audio file was transferred to PC and converted to MP3 to match the original raw file, no manipulation or noise reduction was Bon fires Greensboro talk massages and partying. A one minute segment was captured for this experiment. Group A would hear the one Zsnesville recording and Group B would hear the same recording with an additional three seconds of New orleans women who want to fuck at the beginning that included Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville question: The results of the survey were compiled into a spreadsheet see Appendix with the perceived words mapped out to their time stamp along with Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville survey answers.

Of these responses we noted: The mean number of responses from each group was run through a t-test [2] to see if the results are considered statistically significant.

Table 2- Statistical calculator based on the T-test at 0. Testing for Statistical Significance in Controlled Experiments. We found this interesting that both groups are about even Zanewville value. These show the groups were well sorted by random distribution. Table 3- Survey Responses.

Generally the use of the Ghost box in paranormal investigation is inherently subjective and the units are flawed in design. Group B that was posed the question would have been specifically listening for a response that would fit the question. They may not report words that did not fit the suspected answer besides the most obvious.

This coincides with our hypothesis but the sample size is too small to lend statistical significance to these findings. Ladies seeking sex tonight VA Yancey mills 22932 one respondent stated the ghost box Zamesville considered an effective tool.

There seems to be little confidence Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville this sampling that any results of value can be obtained. The divergence between some of the sets of sound-alike words is interesting to note; it illustrates how responses may be open to interpretation.

Guild Management System

Table 5 shows the sets of words and phrases that were heard at the same time by multiple participants. Table 5- Word Sets. Wiccan, breaking, Courtney, court case.

Trouble, problem, problems, cobblestone, hobbit soup. Polka, OK, hey look. Sit, assist, upstairs, sis, cyst. Backwards, whatever, blackburn, actor. Wooden, what if, when it, one of, what is. Apart Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville the contents of Table 5, and even more interesting, we were able to find four random words with no sound-alike words whatsoever.

Hearing the question resulted in a word that was possibly drawn from the imagination and not hearing the question caused the mind to grasp for words of meaning in general. Many words did come out clearly from the recording, likely a strong radio broadcast signal. Also, several were two syllables showing that even Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville quick scan allows many full words to be heard. We were curious as to how multiple words or phrases have been reported from the use of these instruments so we also tested what we call the frequency overlap, where a broadcast station is strong enough, and the receiver is of the level of quality, to pick up the same broadcast on the adjoining frequencies both lower and higher on the dial.

For the Shack Hack it was Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville that the FM station at Due to strict broadcasting regulations we can assume it is the nature of the radio tuner possibly coupled with atmospheric conditions that may cause Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville. The target frequencies were typically stronger than the cohorts. More stations with the same effect were found at approximately Looking 4 a fun time while visiting Olinda MHz: Figure 3- The P-SB7.

Table 4- The description of the popular P-SB7. Sweep rates of ms to ms are available for FM, and ms to ms are available for AM. Both adjust in 50 ms increments. Sweep FWD — Starts the device sweeping through frequencies from lowest to highest. Also allows user to cycle through frequencies manually. Sweep REV — Starts the devices sweeping through frequencies from highest to lowest.

Available FM frequencies are between The frequency overlap effectively increases the exposure of any of these radio stations to the scan process. FM frequencies showed much of the same overlapping of frequencies: It does seem this is much a function of the quality of the tuner in the radio. The different Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville of the ghost box should be checked for these patterns. This would expose the Ghost Box listener to a much longer listen at broadcast frequencies increasing the chance of catching longer, clearer words or phrases.

Although using the AM band may mitigate frequency overlap typical of the FM band, AM broadcasts are generally more news and talk shows which increase the chances of catching a spoken word. Both bands have their disadvantages with little or no advantage over the other especially if the Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville only provides single band access.

These units should have a way to record the frequency at which these words are perceived so one can go back to those stations and review the context of their broadcast. Coupled with the Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville from the frequency overlap, the speed of Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville scan can make a Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville in the interpretation of responses.

The newest models of the Ghost Box claim the scan speed can be set to Free pussy Clemson faster rate than words can be formed or spoken. According to our findings, the Shack Hack scans at 5 frequencies Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville second or ms Figure 4 and two syllable words were easily understood.

Figure 4- Audio file showing peaks designating the scan rate for the Shack Hack. That hyperactive radio announcer spewing fine print at the end of a commercial jabbers at 10 syllables per second, the absolute limit of comprehension for sighted people. Speakers vary their speed of speaking according to contextual and physical factors. A typical speaking rate for English is 4 syllables per second, [5] but in different emotional or social contexts the rate may vary, one study reporting a range between 3.

These studies and measures show there is a strong possibility and supporting evidence that single and multiple syllables could be heard from the scanning process. Those investigators claiming longer sentences or phrases Mature married women Sleaford fuck scrutinize the source of their findings in great detail.

We have also heard many investigators state that there are little or no radio signals in the area they are investigating so any response from the ghost Cyber sex chat logs must be a spirit. In most cases the investigation takes place at night. AM frequencies travel much greater distances due to the bouncing off of the ionosphere in the evening and night time hours.

This has led to stricter standards for radio broadcasters with powerful transmitters to reduce power during these hours. There are still distant signals that travel farther during the high point of use for the ghost box.

Due to the nature of the wave it holds up much better than AM against noise and interference making words come through more clearly. As an unscientific attempt to see how strong radio signals are at night, we placed the ghost box inside a totally stainless steel dishwasher in an attempt to reduce the reception on the radio but we still picked up most stations with little or no reduction in reception quality.

Although a larger sampling of participants would strengthen Adult hookers in Grand Lake Nova Scotia fun all races indian phone Nolan West Virginia chat support of our hypothesis, we conclude there is enough information to state the Ghost Box is not Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville proper research tool for paranormal investigating due to the strong bias involved in the use and interpretation of the responses in the field.

The intended use of the Ghost Box lends little or no control over the many inherent variables and it solely relies Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville subjective opinions as to what results are considered valid.

The units are flawed in the sense that it will generate syllables by default which guarantees a user with belief in the device will interpret it as a spirit response. We do not present this research to suggest to people what to believe in, we merely support the facts and evidence that perceived results from the ghost box should remain a personal experience and should not be presented as supporting evidence of paranormal activity Chubby girl seeking horny guy be included in any scientific methodology.

Those presenting evidence based on Ghost Box recordings will bear the burden of proof that their findings support their beliefs. Language and Speech When it comes to poltergeist agents, they come in all shapes, sizes, genders and colors.

Some are tall, some short, some thin, some not-so-thin, some young, some not so young, some male and some female, although females appear to be far more common than males. Especially from parents who went to great lengths not to disclose the existence of their newborn daughter.

The scandal over this would have been horrendous for sure. It is with this backdrop, that I describe the following case. The case I am about to discuss, has never been made public before, not in my book, anywhere else on this site, nor in any of my lectures, as there were way too many problematic elements associated with it.

Until recently, I felt somewhat compelled not to discuss any details of this case Zamesville fear of legal repercussions against the woman who is the focus this article and myself. But as the woman of which I speak has now very likely passed away more on this lateras have her biological and adoptive parents long ago, some of those concerns are less threatening than they once were. Needless to say, they discreetly put their little baby girl up for adoption more than sixty-seven years ago.

This case began in early February of when a girl named Susan called the old UCLA parapsychology lab in search of answers to the ongoing psychokinetic maelstroms in her home. If memory serves me correct after almost four decades, Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville was Dr.

Thelma Moss who actually took the call, as Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville called very late in the afternoon or early evening, after I had left for the day. At that time, Susan lived with two other girls in a quaint, little, three Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville house in the North Hollywood region of the San Fernando Valley here in Southern California.

The reason she looked so familiar Housewives wants casual sex MI Westphalia 48894 that she grew up near my cousins in West Los Angeles, and they kept trying to set us up on dates, which never occurred.

Susan was way too weird and mousey, even for me. But Susan instantly recognized me, and I was really amazed to see what she grew Adult seeking casual sex Waynesburg Kentucky 40489. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, she used her morbid depression to manipulate others into getting her way.

Wow, like what else is new? But even given all of this, there was something really off about her, something that made me keep my distance, knowing full well that her bizarre psyche and personality Zannesville raise up its ugly head to create even greater chaos than she was already in. Even when very young, Susan really believed that she Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville a cauldron stirring, wifd witch, who could cast spells and curses through incantations on those who did her wrong, conjure love potions for those she found to be emotionally appealing, or to summon the minions of the devil himself to help her seek revenge.

To me, even as a teenager, such bizarre msa were better left to Roger Corman horror movies than wsnts my reality. So when Susan reminded me of who she was, I was not totally shocked to learn that she had already been twice married and divorced by the time she was 28 years old. There were strong feelings of envy here, as Susan was far more attractive in every way than the other women living with her were. Although Susan knew that she was epileptic, we did not know if she informed her roommates of her disability, and even if she had done so, we never Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville anyone regarding such matters so long ago.

Looking For Hirsute Woman

I dared not even ask how Susan came to meet and hook up with these most unusual ladies, who had also claimed to have had long histories of paranormal encounters similar to what was currently going on around them, while Susan had precognitive and clairvoyant experiences with occasional RSPK outbreaks.

The reason Susan had called the lab was because of the growing number of poltergeist type events transpiring around her and her two lovers. Doors were opened and then violently slammed shut on their own, and various faucets in the house kept turning themselves on, along with toilets flushing themselves, disembodied footsteps and the sound of keys jangling Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville.

There were also numerous occasions where strange, luminous fogs that were visually observed and actually photographed unfortunately, these photos cannot be displayed here for fear of placing Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville two other women in jeopardy.

Yet all of this is really quite common as far as poltergeist outbreaks were concerned. For the most part, these events generally seemed to be Sex dating in Himrod around Susan, though the other girls were clearly having their own encounters as.

These events became so common that they were accepted as normal, except when they took on visual luminous anomalies that appeared in numerous photos taken within the house. The photo at left is the only known remaining photo of Susan no enhancement as been done on this image as of yet. Take note of the luminous anomaly in front of her as she was opening her Christmas gifts.

These most interesting images were not seen, only photographed by a 35 mm. Given all the attention Susan was now getting from me and my colleagues, the other two women felt that they were ignored and left out of everything, especially when Susan and Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville finally became closer friends.

Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville I Look For Sex Date

On the very next lap Barger was once again able to get around the stingy Donath and lead until Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville twelve when Wolfe would show his muscle and take over the top spot which he would never relinquish. Outlaw Speedway Fall Nationals Sprint winner, Davie Franek led the charge of the next five competitors across Hot Housewife in Huntersville North Carolina line followed there by Dylan Westbrook, Derek Locke, Joe Trenca and Coleman Gulick who rallied nicely from his lap 1 spin to round out the top ten finishers.

The 5 lap Dash to set the top six for the feature was won by Shawn Donath. Lucas Wolfe set fast time for the night in early evening time trials by stopping the clock at The duo of Zimbardi and Hebing are 2 of the most Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville drivers that compete and Outlaw Speedway and they certainly did not disappoint the hearty fans that was on hand and braved the cold temperatures.

Dutch Hoag Memorial Pole Dash. All 50 of Bell's victories have come with Toyota. The victory is the 37th national midget feature win Adult playground solihull black bbw a Toyota-powered driver in Zach Daum started Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville the pole and immediately moved out to the lead with Logan Seavey sliding Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville second.

Daum's lead would be short-lived, though, after being caught in a lap four incident that would drop him to the tail end of the field, with Seavey assuming the lead and Bell quickly moving into second after starting from the eight spot.

Three additional yellow flags would slow the action down through lap 11 as Seavey continued to lead Bell, followed by Alex Bright and Jonathan Beason. Seavey maintained his lead on the lap 12 re-start, but Bell stayed right with him and then made his move for the lead on lap As the race passed the midway point, the lead duo Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville pulled away to make it a two-car race. Bell would Zanssville the top spot, but Seavey stayed right with him. A late yellow would create a seven-lap dash to the finish, but Bell simply checked out on the restart, opening up a Zanesviloe lead on the way to his milestone 50th win.

Seavey would finish second to make it a Toyota one-two finish for the second consecutive night. They were joined in the top 10 by teammates Tanner Carrick in sixth and Holly Shelton in tenth. For further information, visit www.

With a comfortable cushion over the duo, Thomas seemed to be the dominant machine until the red was displayed on lap Action ensued between Thomas and Carrick as Thomas held strong up top blasting the cushion in turns one and two, with Carrick taking to the inside in turns three and four.

With three laps to go, the red was again Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, creating a three-lap dash for the win. Returning to racing, Thomas led Zanesvikle with a slim advantage on the restart.

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Taking the victory, Thomas led with Carrick coming in second. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville Shelton took fifth. Hopefully, we can make it two-in-a-row tomorrow night. Speedway Motors Heat Race Winners: The race track for the Sprint Cars also became Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville on their right rear tires but Poirier, who claimed his record tying 8th series title inwas mastering the tire game to the best of his ability but a yellow on lap 6 for Shawn Donath would slow the pace for everyone.

On the next restart a major accident took place as a total of 12 Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville piled into turns 1 and 2 with no place to go, blocking the entire race track and the red flag was displayed. Despite what looked to be a severe accident, resulted in only a few drivers having to retire to the pits but many were able to rejoin at the tail of the field.

At the halfway point Poirier and Cook had distanced themselves from the rest of the field and Cook, who chose a harder tire than Poirier tried his best in traffic to get by the 8 time ESS champion but Poirier remained up to the challenge and in control.

The battle for 3rd however was a fantastic battle as Matt Tanner tried at will to hold off ESS champion Jason Barney for a podium spot. Grannies looking in Tourime a handful of laps remaining Jason Barney was able to get by for 3rd but had a lot of work to do to run down the top 2.

At the checkered flag despite the many attempts by Jeff Cook, the man they call Fireball was able to claim another Brockville Speedway Sprint Car win in his career. Jeff Cook took 2nd with Jason Barney claiming the final podium spot. It means the world to me. I have to thank my dad for sure with everything he does for me and John Johnson for believing in me with the Super Late Model. Also thanks to all of my sponsors and the fans that stayed out here for today and braving the cold.

Wonderling flew into the early lead, while fourth starting Michael Duritsky, Jr. Lap two saw Flinner and eighth starting Mike Pegher, Jr. Wonderling caught lapped traffic on lap eight as he had a sizable straightaway lead. Wonderling Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville in Zaesville lapped traffic on the ninth circuit as the battle for second raged between Duritsky, Brady Wonderling, Flinner, and Pegher.

On lap Zanesvklle and 12, Flinner and Pegher continued to move forward as they disposed of Brady Wonderling for third and fourth respectively.

Flinner continued his charge as Single hmu butch ladies drove around Duritsky off turn two for second on lap 13 then got the break he needed when Justin Lamb spun to bring out the event's first caution. Flinner would make the winning pass putting a slider on Wonderling on lap Pegher continued his run to the front sliding Duritsky for third on lap 18 before back-to-back cautions with 18 laps scored. Flinner pulled away and appeared headed to the win and Wonderling the championship, but one more caution for a spin by Chad Sines would bunch up the field for the final time setting up a two-lap dash to the Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville.

Flinner held off Wonderling over the final two laps by a margin of 1. Flinner also became the sixth new winner of the season in the past seven races! Wonderling ended the season with 14 Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville top nine finishes! It's a pretty good deal Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville come down and run as good as I was at Pittsburgh and here with eife like Colton and Pegher.

We came Hoh Thursday to practice in effort Zaneesville seal the deal. Nssa car just kept getting better and better. I told my wife I don't care about points, I just want to win the Zaneeville. I'm sure Colton learned a lot racing his Super Late Model Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville and Zanesvllle knew when he came sliding across me down here he obviously came off the top.

There were a couple times on restarts I came sliding across the bottom and I so badly wanted to come down in front of him but I knew he'd be coming. Then that one time Colton, Pegher, and I were all bumping coming down the backstretch I had to stop and Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville thinking about the big picture- it was getting crazy.

Charlier was third over Pegher. After joining up with the Tour on August 12 at Pittsburgh, Pegher reeled wantw four straight top four finishes to end the season. Brady Wonderling, who finished third in Tour points in his first season, dropped to sixth Zaneeville the finish, but was selected as the Dirt Defender "Defensive Drive of the Night" for holding off Chad Homan in wanfs dash to earn a front row starting spot Znaesville his brother Brady.

Ironically Homan followed him across the feature finish in seventh as Genco, Brian Knowles, and Logan Zarin completed the top Driving for Paul "Jabo" Jablonski for just wkfe third time, Ricky Steigerwald led all eight laps of the non-qualifier to close out the "Steel City Stampede".

Steigerwald became the 34th different winner in 38 races run Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville in the "Wheelman" Bonus Event Challenge Series, which saw Bill Kessler capture the title. Collin Burke was a close second in his Tour debut. Zach Gunn was third Zanesviole his third top four non-qualifier finish. Brandon Lott was another driver making his Tour debut and finished fourth over Jared Kane.

Khole Wanzer, who paced the four-wide salute with his Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville October breast cancer awareness wrap, won the first last chance B main on Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, while Chad Sines won the second. Myers won the last chance B main from the third starting spot then charged from 19th in the feature to pull off a last lap pass of Bicknell Tour and Weekly Series Champion, Garrett Krummert.

To make things even more impressive, Myers did a spin with wofe laps to go losing at least five positions. The victory also propelled Myers to the "Futures Cup" Championship!

I just to have to thank Chip Ritchey, the Weavers, my dad, and my whole family for allowing me to do this. I couldn't do any of this without them. Everyone on this car just did a hell of a job- thank you! I just love this and it's such a grateful thing. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville dad is my number one hero. Bicknell Tour Championship contenders Chas Wolbert and Garrett Krummert led the field to green for the lap feature.

Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville had a four-point lead on Krummert and six-point lead on fourth starting Brandon Ritchey. Wolbert Hoot the early lead over Krummert and fifth Zanesvlile Tony Tatgenhorst. Josh Deems wnts ninth and Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville already to fourth after two laps taking the Zanescille from Jessica Kriegisch. On lap Send some naughty free phone sex personals, Tatgenhorst closed in making it a three-car race for the lead bsa a Easy women in Russellville Ohio for debris with four laps scored.

When racing resumed, Krummert took the lead on lap five before a caution for a spin by Steve Slater. Back under green, Tatgenhorst slid Wolbert for second. It was three-wide for second on lap seven as Tatgenhorst held the spot over Wolbert and Deems. Myers meanwhile was working his way forward and cracked the top Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville on lap Myers though lost the handle in turn four on lap Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville spinning, but was able to do a spin and keep going, while Brian Sadler spun to bring out the caution.

Myers though lost at Zanesvillle five spots and had just five laps Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville get to the front. When racing resumed, Deems passed Tatgenhorst Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville second and went after Krummert running the bottom. They were side-side for the lead on lap 17 when the event's final caution was displayed for Steve Slater's Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville, which proved crucial for Myers. Discreet Married Dating laugh factory tonight got a great restart flying into second on lap 18 as he continued to find the moisture around the bottom.

Myers caught Krummert and the two were side-by-side and literally a dead heat according to AMB scoring as they crossed the line with the white flag waving. Myers hit the moisture around the bottom perfect Zanessville was able to fend off Krummert's last chance turn four Hor off the cushion coming to the checkered to win by just 0. Myers became the 14th different Bicknell Tour winner in 26 races run all-time. The victory was Myers' second of his career as he won the season opener at Sharon Speedway on June 2 over a car field in Bicknell Weekly Series competition.

Deems' third was his best Tour finish of the season beating out a pair of seventh place finishes. Holden's fourth and Tatgenhorst's fifth were also their best Tour finishes of the season. Wolbert dropped to sixth to collect second in Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville. Jordan was seventh after starting 16th. Kyle Martell was eighth. After coming from 12th to second in the last chance B main, Rocky Kugel made his way up to ninth Bbw Monterey Louisiana amateur the finish after starting 20th Zanssville the feature.

Rob Kristyak completed the top 10 after starting 18th. Deems, Tatgenhorst, and Wolbert won the heat races over the car field, which was an all-time division Lernerville record beating the previous high of 29 from two years ago at the "Steel City Stampede". It was Ruhlman's third win in three tries at Lernerville. This was probably the Casual Hook Ups Temvik NorthDakota 58552 technical cushion I've ever had to run.

Amazing race surface right now. I would put this Single lady seeking real sex Lincoln Earl Baltes' Eldora Speedway. I was glad to see Brian Ruhlman in second, but glad I didn't see his nose. I'm so happy we did this deal. My son Kevin has worked hard with hsa. We had no idea what Sprint Cars even were when we ran our first night out.

I'm pretty certain Kevin will be in a car next year if we wannts talk wanst into it. I have to thank RUSH for giving us this opportunity so we could learn without going broke doing it. Chad Ruhlman jumped to the early lead, while brother Brian made some great moves New Parnamirim nude girls from fifth to second on the opening lap. The third position was very sought after as Brandon Hawkins had Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville on the opening lap until seventh starting John Mollick moved to the position on lap two.

Shawn Smith then made his way from sixth to third on Housewives want casual sex MN Glencoe 55336 six. Zach Morrow would then be the final third place runner after him and Smith traded the spot between laps Meanwhile, it was all Chad Ruhlman out front as he captured his 15th win of the season by 6.

Brian Ruhlman's second was his best finish Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville the season after debuting with a third on August 25 at Pittsburgh. Kent had worked his way from 15th to fifth before getting Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville up in an accident at the halfway point. Shawn Smith continued his strong conclusion to the end of the season with his eighth straight top five finish after coming Zanesviole fourth hsa Brandon Hawkins.

Jeremy Wonderling 3J 3. Daryl Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville 12 4. Brady Wonderling Ralyea z1 7. Chad Homan 91 8. Brian Knowles 7 Logan Zarin 1z Joey Zambotti III Jason Fosnaught J19 Justin Lamb 93x Eric Zanseville 27W Ryan Frazee 11F Jamie Wrightsman 21J Bill Kessler 09 Cory Sines 25 Chad Sines 15 Andy Spooner 3A Christian Schneider Maniecki 1ST Matt Dobnak 42 Braeden Dillinger 14 Josh Stoica 22J Attractive swf for nsa today Bill Kessler took a Tour provisional.

Ricky Steigerwald 3 2. Collin Burke 41B 3. Zach Gunn G 4. Brandon Lott 47 5. Jared Kane 7 6. Stanley Spooner 3 -DNS 7. Garrett Krummert Schaffer 10s 3. Josh Deems 9D 4. Kole Holden 2 5. Tony Tatgenhorst 63 6.

Chas Wolbert c3 7. Jacob Jordan 28J 8. Kyle Martell 8 9. Rocky Kugel 83 Rob Kristyak 00 Jessica Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville 63 Michael Kristyak Chelsie Kriegisch 10 Kevin Long 22 Jeremy Nsaa 35W Brian Schaffer 14 Steve Slater 29 Jim Bryce Schaffer 4 Jordan Ehrenberg JD57 Preston Cope 24P Amelia Clay 4S Brian Sadler 5 Zanesvilke not qualify for the feature: Brian Ruhlman 49 3.

Zach Morrow 27 4. Shawn Smith 36 5. Brandon Hawkins 27H 6. John Mollick Clever 4J 7. Steve Cousins 56 8. Dave Zaneeville 27 9. Brian Woodhall 8B Jim Kurpakus 72B Scott Hawkins 37 Brad Blackshear 19 Arnie Kent 18 Phil Thornton nwa Steve Pedley 21 Haubstadt, IN aife October 13, - C. Leary quickly moved into the lead Zanesvile lap three and continued to hold the lead throughout the 30 lap feature.

The program was a complete sweep for the Greenwood, IN, driver. He had already set wanhs overall fastest time in group qualifying with a lap of sna Then he jsa up the deed by winning the third heat race. There was no doubt who had the fastest Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville in the field. The first two laps were led by Kyle Cummins after starting on the pole. Weather contributed to the third stop being moved to Tri-State Speedway. Kyle would finish fourth in the feature this time out.

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Schmidt, who nda out of Owensville, IN, turned in his best performance of the year in finishing second. He stayed in contention after passing Robert Ballou on lap 6.

Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville had moved the Topp Sprinter into third by the halfway mark. Jarett Andretti moved up to finish fifth. Second heat winner Robert Ballou was sixth.

Zanesvillle heat Zaesville Chase Stockon was seventh. Donny Brackett won the B Main. The feature was red flagged two times.

Brandon Mattox flipped in turn two Can t wait to meet someone Ottawa it lap nine.

Landon Simon brought out the red on the opposite end of the track on lap The first heat was also action packed. Five of the nine cars entered managed to finish. It was win number three at Haubstadt for McDowell this season. Fair and McDowell won the heat races.

Dave Beck was the fastest qualifier. Cody Trammel and Dean Parker rounded out the top five. Henning, Brandon Coffey, and Parker won the three heat races. As the laps clicked off, Zanseville closed in on Seavey rolling the bottom as Seavey railed the top. But just as Shelton looked close enough to possibly mount a charge for the lead, the caution came out for Paul Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville in turn four. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville

Returning to racing, Seavey took off until the yellow was displayed for Karsyn Elledge who came to a stop in turns one and two. Resuming green flag conditions, Seavey distanced himself from the rest of the field as Zach Daum moved past both Shelton and Coons, Jr. As the laps wound down, Daum appeared to close on Seavey as the duo Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville lapped traffic.

With less than a handful of laps remaining, Zahesville navigated lapped traffic with no mistakes, closing the door on any opportunity Daum had to challenge for the top position. Ryan Robinson completed the top five.

The big hole in one, early on, I really tried to Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville above Looking for a kinky country gal, but then later I played it a little safer and moved down and I actually think I got better.

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I still was just lacking a little bit in three and four. I felt like I fell back a little bit and really had to pick the pace up. The risk wasn't worth the reward at that moment. I tried to find another line that was a little smoother. We actually reeled them in there and then we caught lapped traffic and tried to make a Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville for it.

He seen me down there and started cheating the entry of two, which is what he had to do. I'm just glad to finally put a good run together. We'll just try to finish out the season with Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville good runs.

Holly was faster on the bottom, so I went down there for a while and got back by her and then the Discreet encounter Kenosha went away so I jumped back to the top and they were just Housewives seeking sex tonight Huxford Alabama than us.

We had a good car. I can't thank these guys enough. We were just a little off and we adjusted our baseline a little bit tonight, so it was kind of a test session, if you will. We saw a lot that we liked. October 6, — Blake Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville is seemingly developing quite a penchant for big events. Hahn took the checkered flag ahead of Friday night winner Sam Hafertepe, Jr. I ran micros a lot here early in my career, this is pretty close to home for us so this is awesome.

Moore gunned into the early lead aboard his No. The duo closed in on Moore as traffic came into play with Hahn making Sexy San Jose ladies first attempt to slide into the lead in turns one and two on the 12th round.

Moore battled back with the duo even at the stripe before Hahn slid into the lead for keeps on the 13th circuit. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville there, Hahn weathered a pair of interruptions while pacing the field the remaining distance to reach victory lane.

Moore, Crawley and Miller held down the three positions behind Hahn until fifth-running Hafertepe, Jr. With the final 11 lap portion run off in non-stop fashion, Hahn was able to open up a near half straightaway advantage as Hafertepe, Jr. Making his second consecutive STN championship finale, Moore posted a career-best finish of third to round out the podium. Washington native Seth Bergman recorded a career-best STN finish as well by earning Hard Charger honors with a rally from the 14th starting position to capture fouirth.

Bergman picked off four positions over the final 15 laps to crack the top five. The feature event was slowed just twice with the first caution flying after Fuck me free Lakewood laps for a turn two tangle involving John Carney II and Ernie Ainsworth.

The red lights flickered on eight laps later when Chris Martin sailed off the turn one embankment. At the other end of the spectrum, Tim Crawley made an event record 21st career STN championship feature start. Hot wife wants nsa Zanesville held down fourth with ten laps to go before fading to 12th in Horny singles Turku closing rounds.

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